Jack Vale’s ‘Psychic’ Social Media Experiment

Social media. We all use it. Whether you’re a committed tweeter, someone’s who’s glued to their Facebook feed or the kind of douche that takes pictures of every meal to upload onto Instagram (yeah, we’re looking at you…) – everyone’s online now. Online and pumping out personal information as a constant stream. Don’t believe us? Well, just check out this new video from Jack Vale. The master prankster’s here to show us all just how much data we’re offering up on the internet.

Using nothing but random stranger’s searchable social media feeds, Jack does some sleuthing and collects up some juicy info on them. With a friendly smile he approaches them, but the smiles soon turn upside down when Jack starts regaling them with personal information they’re shocked he knows…

Is he a mystic? A psychic with otherwordly powers? Or just a dude with a decent internet connection on his cellphone…?

Watch this. Then check your privacy settings.

Social media can be great. It can also be dangerous. Find out more about the dangers of social media right here.

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