The Dangers Of Social Media – Important Child Predator Social Experiment

The Dangers Of Social Media. We need to know about them. Internet filmmaker Coby Persin is, like many other people in society, concerned about the topic of child predators. In the past, the main threat from these people was ‘stranger danger‘. But parents need to be concerned about more than just weirdos in the park nowadays. The internet has changed all that…

Social media means that predators have found a route directly into the homes, bedrooms and minds of their young prey. With youngsters seemingly always on Facebook and Twitter on their laptops, smartphones and tablets, this presents pedophiles with a series of opportunities.

This subject is close to us here. The CEO of has lots of kids and is, naturally, concerned for their well-being. But just how real is this threat? We asked Internet filmmaker Coby Persin to help us find out…

With the assistance of some young girls’ families, he set up fake social media accounts and staged meet-ups. And the results will shock you to the core. Seriously.

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