Epic Yoga Pants Prank Has People Going Crazy

If there’s one thing that you know a guy’s going to notice, it’s a big shapely booty. Wiggle a juicy trunk in front of any dude as he walks down the street and he’s gonna take note and give it a look. And maybe even say something.

Or, in the case of this weird old guy, go in for a sniff (don’t ask…).


But a woman should be free to stretch and exercise and walk down the street without this kind of butt-based harassment, right? Right. And OckTV think they’ve come up with a plan to stop it. Through the medium of pranking. The big round cheeks stuffed in yoga pants that you’re about to see in this prank don’t actually belong to a woman at all…

Think you could tell the difference? You might be surprised… These dudes certainly were, anyway! Check it out:

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