Moe and ‘ET’ Etayyim are natural born pranksters. They’re brothers from Brooklyn who aren’t afraid to take the odd risk when it comes to their pranks. In fact, now we think about it… They always take a risk! Like Dennis Cee (a dude they often work with), the Ock boys aren’t afraid to get in people’s faces and mix it up a little bit. They’re big into their fans too and often take requests from their YouTube subscribers. Although we’ve no idea why as most suggestions end up with them getting into some serious trouble in the hood!

The Etayyim brothers are all about the reactions of the people they trick, that’s why they do what they do. The reactions of people once they explain they’ve just been pranked, they say, ‘are priceless’. The boys are some of the biggest rising stars of the prank industry and definitely ones to watch out for. And there’s no better place to watch out for them than right here at Pranksters!

Check out OckTV doing what they do best:


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