7 More Ways To Prank Your Friends On April Fools Day

Earlier, we showed you seven crazy pranks to play on your friends, family and colleagues this April Fools Day. Now we’ve come up with seven more ways to drive your friends crazy. Ranging from a neat trick you can play with an air horn, to what can be achieved with a bar of soap and some varnish, these seven April Fools pranks prove there’s no end to people’s ingenuity when it comes to pranking!

1. ChAIR Horn Prank


You’ll have your work colleagues jumping out of their seats with this brilliant air horn under the chair prank.

2. Nicolas Cage Prank


“I’ll just copy that for you. Won’t take me a … what the? AAAAAAAGH!” Your colleagues are guaranteed to jump when they see the crazy grinning face of Nicolas Cage!

3. Fish Tank Prank


Quite an elaborate one, this. This prankster’s gone the extra mile and built a fish tank into the bottom of a filing cabinet. If you want to replicate this prank, make sure you don’t harm the fish!

4. Jell-O Stapler


First made famous on the smash hit comedy The Office, this classic Jell-O gag is not only hilarious, but also presents a bit of a challenge for the person who owns the stapler. Looks like someone’s getting their hands sticky!

5. Speed Stick Prank


Simply replace the contents of a Speed Stick with cream cheese and wait for your unsuspecting victim to get ready in the morning. He’ll spend all day wondering why he’s got the cheesiest armpits in the office!

6. Varnished Soap


This is a great prank, and best of all – it’s completely undetectable! Laugh as your victim tries – and fails – to get some suds out of that bar of soap. They won’t, of course … because you’ve varnished it!

7. The Classic


Sometimes the old ones are the best. This is the classic cling wrap over the toilet prank. Don’t forget to stand well back!

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