This Social Experiment Sees OckTV Abusing A Fake Dog In Public

Arguably the internet’s most extreme and risk-taking online pranksters and social experimenters are New York’s OckTV. You’ve seen them challenging the public with plenty over here at Pranksters. From the controversial (like the time they tested people’s reactions to a girl beating her boyfriend) to the ridiculous (their recent yoga pants prank comes to mind), they love putting the public on the spot.

Their latest sees the pair beating ‘a dog’ on the street. don’t worry – obviously – the dog isn’t real. It’s a stuffed toy in a black bag. But with realistic sound effects, it looks surprisingly realistic.

How are people going to react? You’d be surprised, even in The Big Apple, by how many people just walk past. But those people that do stop have some pretty extreme and strong reactions.

Check it out:

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