The Dangers Of Social Media (Child Predator Social Experiment) Episode 2

The Dangers Of Social Media. We should all know them. If we have children at home, it’s our duty to do all we can to protect them. And with technology moving faster then ever, we have a serious job on our hands. For anyone who thought that the risk wasn’t real, they only had to watch Coby Persin‘s most recent video, ‘The Dangers of Social Media’, to realize how wrong they were.

The video struck a serious chord with people all across the world. The video hit mega viral numbers, being viewed by more than 38 million people worldwide and featured on numerous news programmes. The message was simple, but important – predators are lurking online and are a big risk to your children.

But the video showed three young girls who might have been in danger. To show that young boys stand every bit as much chance of something terrible happening to them, Coby’s back with a new eye-opening video.

Episode 2 is here. And you need to see it.

For information on how to protect your child online, Click Here

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