Child Predator Abduction Experiment Shows The True Dangers Of ‘Stranger Danger’

YouTube filmmaker Coby Persin has dedicated the past year or two of his career focusing on a very worrying subject: child predators. His social experiments and videos of late have all been about exposing the tactics and ploys of pederasts and alerting the public as to their methods. His work has proved controversial, but provides an invaluable service to kids and parents across the world.

In his latest video he shows how the profile of these people shouldn’t just be restricted to the ‘dirty old man’. Female child predators may be comparatively rare, but they exist and the principles of ‘stranger danger’ should be applied across the board: male and female, young and old.

Parents are putting their children to the test here. Will their little ones take the bait and get into cars with strangers? The ‘predators’ use a variety of excuses to talk the kids into getting into the car…

The results might just shock you.

Coby Persin

This is truly terrifying footage. Obviously, all ‘predators’ are actors and no children were put at risk here, but it really hits home just how vulnerable children can be to these sorts of people.

Child Predator Experiment

Watch and spread the word…

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