EXPOSED! Ruthless Boyfriend Caught Cheating!

Cheating isn’t right. When you’re in a committed relationship with someone, you’ve got to keep faithful to them. Otherwise, what’s the point? If you feel you have to cheat, you’ve got to get out of the relationship and do the right thing. But with a recent study indicating than over 50% of people have cheated in their lives, that just proves that it does happen. And often.

DennisCeeTV wanted to help out someone who suspected their other half of being unfaithful. So he put up an ad on Craigslist and waited for a reply. And it didn’t take long. Seems a lot of people are worried about their partners straying.

In full-on private investigator mode, Dennis and his pals Moe and ET from OckTV and a guy with a camera headed out on a reconnaissance mission. Armed with info, them and the girl went in… And couldn’t BELIEVE what they saw! Checkout part 2┬áhere.

DennisCeeTV Cheating

It was crazier than they could even imagine. If you think things look a little odd in that picture above, you ain’t seen nothing yet…

Check it out!

Want more from Dennis? Then have a look at his epic ‘Would You Take Advantage of a Blind Guy?’ experiment.

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