‘Zombie Train’ – The Most INSANE Prank Ever Filmed!

We’ve brought you some pretty crazy pranks in the past here at Pranksters, no doubt. But we honestly think the stunt we’ve got for you here – from Brazilian TV station┬áSBT – is the most high octane, elaborate and insane prank we’ve ever featured. There are a lot of good zombie pranks out there, but none match up to this zombie invasion of the subway.

Filmed for the Silvio Santos Show, this stunt uses brilliantly detailed make-up, a horde of actors and actresses, clever lighting… They even manage to get the local transport authority on board with them in order to film the thing! This plays out like a real-life horror movie and takes pranks to a whole new level.

Just try to imagine how these women were feeling. Seriously, this is beyond anything you’ve ever seen before. So be prepared!

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