Pranksters Molest Dudes’ Hands In Public And It Does NOT Go Down Well!

Holding hands is quite an intimate thing, isn’t it? A lovely way for two people to demonstrate their love and dedication to each other. So it’s always to nice to see and get involved in. Provided the person touching your hand is actually someone you love, obviously. If it turns out to just be some random dude…? Well, then that’s something else. Something actually pretty disturbing.

Nou Pranks, a French group of jokers are testing dudes’ reactions to some intimate hand touching as they pass them on an escalator at a shopping mall. And as you can imagine – it doesn’t always go down all that well. It turns out that French guys – like anyone else – don’t appreciate that kind of thing!

Some of these reactions are just ace. You can just imagine what it’d be like to have this happen… Check it out:

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