Dude Gets Tinder Dates ‘High’ Vaping Weed But There’s A BIG Catch…

Now here’s a really smart social experiment worthy of the name. A true experiment into social pressure and reaction. Our man HammyTV hit up Tinder and arranged three ‘smoke and chill’ dates. They’d jump in the car and get high together. Using the new method people are getting on board with – smoking concentrated cannabis via a vaping gadget. Following it all so far? Alright.

Only, as ever, things aren’t what they seem. Hammy’s not got any weed. In fact, the stuff they’ll be smoking? It’s not even laced with nicotine. This is the ultimate test of the placebo effect. Will a subtle form of peer pressure make these girls get ‘high’…?

The results are pretty illuminating. It really makes you think about how much we’re affected by how we’re expected to react. The placebo effect is real. And it’s demonstrated perfectly here.

See for yourself:

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