Getting ‘High’ Vaping Weed With Tinder Dates; What The Pregnant Girl Does? OMG!

Not all that long ago, we sent out HammyTV to conduct an experiment looking into the idea of the ‘Placebo Effect’. In the social experiment he came up with, he hooked up with a few girls using the Tinder dating app and got high’ with them. Using a vaping contraption. Except there was no cannabis oil in there like he said there was. It was all a test to see how they’d react. And they all claimed to get pretty high!

Watch it for yourself here in Part 1.

Now he’s back with Part 2. With three more unsuspecting ladies who think they’re getting high on the weed vape. But they’re not. Or are they? We don’t know. The placebo effect is weird like that.

The thing with this one, though. Hammy’s first two dates? A couple of cool chicks out for a fun time. The third? She wants fun too. But she wants to smoke while pregnant. Like, REALLY pregnant. This is crazy. See what went down:

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