He Gets His Tinder Date “High” Vaping Weed. Just Watch What She Does Next…

Remember HammyTV’s vaping weed social experiments? We’ve sent Hammy out twice before to hook up with girls on Tinder, and take them on dates where they would vape “weed” and chill out in his car. The catch was, however, that the vaping contraptions didn’t actually have any cannabis oil in them. In fact, they didn’t even have any nicotine. The aim was to test the “placebo effect,” the phenomenon where telling someone that they are taking a substance is enough for them to feel its effects, even if they are in fact not taking it at all.

Well, the videos were so successful that we’ve managed to persuade Hammy to do another. Like before, he heads out armed with his fake cannabis oil and takes three Tinder girls for a drive whilst they vape. But, the results are unlike any from earlier videos. It appears that the placebo effect manifests itself in a number of different ways. Check out the reaction of the married woman!

Watch the video below…

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