Four Sets Of Identical Twins Pull Off AMAZING Time Travel Prank On A NYC Subway Car!

Improv Everywhere are a New York City-based improvisational comedy troupe who take their jokes out into the real world, instead of just performing them in front of half a dozen people in an improv comedy club, like a normal group. And we’re so glad that they do. Only their gags come alive in weird situations. And it’s their subway stunts that are the funniest by far!

This latest practical joke is clever, well performed and just downright funny. Using four different sets of identical twins, they staged a brilliantly funny ‘time travel’ prank that saw¬†different versions of ‘the same person’ being used to create some awesome jokes…

We can only imagine how great it must’ve been to have seen these excellent jokes being played out live on the subway. You’re going to LOVE this! Check out what happened: