This Is The Perfect Prank To Annoy The Hell Out Of Your Father

Dads… am I right? Yeah, sometimes they like to have a good laugh and join in the fun but most of the time – we see them as old and boring, someone who tells you off when you’ve done something wrong or someone who can’t take a joke. To prove this point, a video was uploaded by YouTuber, “AngryDad“, whereby he pranks his father while they’re driving. Let’s just say that it infuriates him to high heaven.

The prankster writes out a sign that says “Honk if you’re horny” and places it at the back of his father’s car. The pair of them then get into said-car and drive. Cars immediately start honking their horns, causing this dad to be completely outraged (and starts using some very colorful language, too).

Needless to say, the prank was a success for all involved. See the full video below.