The Royal Stampede

The Royal Stampede - Pranksters

Richy Sandham and Mark Reynolds are only in their early 20’s but they’ve already taken the world of online prank videos by storm. They’re from the Adelaide suburb of Belair in Australia and they’ve been playing practical jokes on people since they were at school. But in such a short period of time they’ve gone from pranking their pals to large scale horror stunts that draw in MILLIONS of internet fans. Crazy, huh?!

So what’s their style? Well, we’d describe it, quite simply, as ‘TERRIFYING‘! You’ve only got to look at the titles of the stunts they’re responsible for: ‘Clown Axe Scare’, ‘Body in Trunk’, ‘Grim Reaper’, ‘Missing Eye’ and ‘Epic Chainsaw’, to see why. That’s not to say that the boys at Royal Stampede can’t do funny pranks or videos that make you think, but it’s their horror pranks that make them really stand out from the crowd.


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