The Conjuring 2 Prank – It’s Beyond Terrifying… Have They Gone Too Far Here?!

A prank’s a prank. One of your friends plays a bit of a practical joke on you, you’re embarrassed for a little while, then you all have a great big laugh about things shortly afterwards. And even if you’re the victim on a YouTube prankster, you’re only really likely to get a load of shampoo poured on your head or have a guy say funny things to you at a music festival. Easy to handle, right?

But sometimes, just sometimes… Pranks can go too far. They can push people’s nerves to the limits. Especially when it comes to scare pranks. The best and most realistic scare pranks? They come from Brazil. The popular hidden camera show The Silvio Santos Program really pushes the envelope.

And their latest? Seriously crazy. Based on the James Wan horror movie The Conjuring 2, this ‘evil possession’ set-up is about as scary as a prank gets.

The Conjuring 2 Prank

Seriously. Get a load of The Conjuring 2 prank right here. You’re not going to be able to sleep again!

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