When They Saw What Book He Was Reading… They Just Couldn’t Control Themselves!

Comedian Scott Rogowsky loves books. He reads them everywhere. Especially on the subway. It’s a great place to catch up on some chapters of your latest read, after all. And he’s showing that here in his latest video, in association with Playboy and The Chortle. Except there’s something a little different about these books. They’re not normal books. In fact, they’re not real at all…

The covers are all faked. And for good reason. With titles like ‘A*s Eating Made Simple’ and ‘Mein Kampf For Kids’ – these bad boys are just joke books. It’s all a prank pulled by Scott on the unsuspecting commuters he shares his subway ride with.

Some of the reactions are priceless. But its the titles of the book that really make this video. This is stupidly funny. Enjoy!

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