YouTube legends The Royal Stampede are best known for their hilarious horror and thug pranks. But in this excellent new video, they’re trying something a...

Thug Prank Royal Stampede

The Royal Stampede are living the Thug Life. Well, they’re not – but they’re pretending to be. They’re approaching people as though they are and...

Grim Reaper Scare Prank The Royal Stampede

Don’t worry, it’s not really the harbinger of death and doom, the Grim Reaper. It’s just the Royal Stampede boys out playing practical jokes again....

Flesh Eating Zombie Attack Prank The Royal Stampede

You’ll no doubt have seen some pretty awesome and sick horror pranks here before, but you won’t have seen many as gory as this one!...


Aussie Pranksters The Royal Stampede are back on the prank again, this time they’re fitting people up for crimes… Well, not exactly – but they are...

Clown Axe Murderer Scare Prank Part 2 - The Royal Stampede

The Royal Stampede are back with part 2 of their awesome killer clown prank. Check out part 1 here.

Clown Axe Scare Prank - The Royal Stampede

The Royal Stampede take to the streets to scare the crap outta people dressed as a maniac clown with a seriously creepy laugh. Check out part 2...

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