Extreme Sleeping On People PRANK! (GIRLS EDITION) OckTV

OckTV  and Leah Jung are back with an epic sitting on people prank. It’s nice to relax, isn’t it? When you’re feeling a little tired and...

Child Abuse Experiment OckTV

OckTV are back with another one of their patented thought-provoking social experiments. This time they’re posing this question to members of the public: What would...

Asking Strangers For Food! OckTV

OckTV are hungry. But they’ve no cash on them. How are they gonna eat? How about by getting some food off strangers after politely asking...

Eating People's Food Prank OckTV

OckTV are out on the streets again and this time they’re hungry. For food as well as pranks. But why bother heading to a diner...

The Extreme Domestic Abuse Experiment OckTV

What if you saw a man roughing up his girlfriend or wife on the street? Would you step in? And how about if you saw...


Teaming up for a Hell of a prank here we have top pranksters DennisCeeTV, OckTV and Model Pranksters. They hit the streets to pull an...

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