This Super Strong Meter Maid Prank Shocked NYC!

New Yorkers were left stunned recently when they bore witness to a shocking confrontation between an illegally-parked taxi driver with a big mouth and a parking attendant with hidden skills that ended in the most surprising way… The row escalated when driver Bobbi Costas received a ticket and then reacted pretty badly to it.

Next thing you know? The meter maid LOSES IT And lifts the huge cab up, with the driver in and everything!

Taxi Prank (1)

‘You gotta move the car,’ says parking attendant Jenni Ruiza. ‘You can’t be here. There’s a sign that says no standing!’ she can be heard telling the taxi driver.

‘Why should I move now? You just gave me a ticket!’ replied the driver. ‘Take that ticket and shove it up your a*s! he can be heard rather impolitely shouting.

‘I’m just doing my job!’ replies Jenni nice and calmly.

Taxi Prank (2)

And then Jenni can be seen taking matters into her own hands (quite literally) and pulling an Incredible Hulk move that needs to be seen to be believed!

Taxi Prank (3)

Okay, okay – so the meter maid is actually an actress and the taxi driver is a stuntman. And the enormous cab she lifts is a 2005 Ford Escape that’s had it’s engine removed and a load of steel plates fixed down in the trunk in order to create a counterweight.

But it gets EVERYONE! Check out this crazy taxi prank right here…

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