Pranksters Cause Havoc At Austrian Ski Resort!

The Obergurgl-Hochgurgl winter sports resort in Ötztal, Austria, is in the heart of the Alps. At one of the spots most guaranteed to have snow all year round, it really is one of the best spots for skiing in the world. But if you’re planning on paying a visit, be warned – there’s something very odd happening there indeed…

The company that runs the resort run a live webcam all over the resort than streams direct to all 4,000 hotel rooms on site. So skiiers can switch on the TV at any point and check on the conditions. But a group of merry pranksters have been wreaking havoc recently with a series of wacky stunts, jokes and pranks. In the most extreme and imaginative ways possible!

If you think you’ve seen photobombing before, you ain’t seen nothing yet! These piste enthusiasts really know how to bomb the cameras! Check it out, it’s RIDICULOUS.