Insane Demon Prank Sees a Man Set On Fire – Have They Gone Too Far…?

We love bringing you the craziest and most extreme pranks captured on camera from across the globe. But it’s the insane stunts from Brazil that always shock us the most. The Silvio Santos Program comes up with hands down the most messed-up pranks about. Their subway pranks are insane…

But this latest ‘demon prank’ sees them setting people on fire. And it doesn’t get a lot more messed up than that!

A demon is stalking the streets. As people wait for a bus at a bus stop they hear a noise. It’s a shriek. As they turn around, they see a man running towards them. He’s on fire! And behind him? A giant horned creature chases him… With a flamethrower.

This is unbelievable pranking. New shorts all round!

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