Epic Shark Attack Prank!

As a fan of Pranksters.com and online practical jokes in general, you know where a lot of the best pranks come from. There are famous pranksters like Roman AtwoodSA Wardega and VitalyzdTv. And they’re all good. But for insane scare pranks on an epic scale, you need to look to Brazilian TV. Specifically The Silvio Santos Program.

We’ve seem some pretty hardcore pranks from them over the years, including their twisted Poltergeist prank and, of course, their messed-up subway scare pranks. And now we’re bringing you another from their stable – a crazy shark attack prank!

Brazil is famous for its beaches. So it’s not exactly difficult to find some juicy targets. And with a fake Jaws in their control – they scared people half to death! Enjoy…

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