Taking a Shower At The Beach, These Girls Can’t BELIEVE What This Guy Does To Them

HoomanTV must be a big Police Academy fan. We are and our all-time favorite scene from any of the 45 movies in the series was the shampoo prank scene. If you’ve not seen it, you’re about to get a taster of it. Except in the movie, it’s a middle-aged police captain getting pranked, not a whole bunch of girls at the beach wearing little bikinis.

We’ve seen beach pranks before, there’s just something about the place that encourages people to play tricks and jokes on each other. But this classic prank is especially great. Washing their hair at the public outdoor shower, these girls, with their long hair, can’t work out why the shampoo’s not coming out…

Being as there’s shampoo everywhere, they can’t open their eyes to find out, either. So they can’t see Hooman lurking behind their with a bottle of seemingly never-ending shampoo! Check it out!

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