This Prank To Blow Up His Friend’s $1,500 Yeezys Backfires BADLY!

Ryan Hamilton, the man behind HammyTV, as you know, loves pranks. So does his pal Dan. That’s why they’re always pulling jokes on each other. Not that they always see the funny side. Like with this new stunt where Ryan blows up Dan’s $1,500 Yeezys… Well, pretends to, anyhow.

They’re just a pair of rip-offs from China bought for fifty bucks, but Dan doesn’t know that when he spots Ryan filling ’em full of gasoline and fireworks! And his reaction? Well, it’s pretty insane to say the least.

They’ve been taking it in turns to one up each other for some time now. But this newest trick ends BADLY when Dan overreacts and decides to smash up his friend’s house… Check it out:

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