Indecent Proposal: Would You Sell Your Wife For One Night?!

You know the movie Indecent Proposal? It’s got Robert Redford in it as this suave old rich guy. He offers a fat stack of cash to regular Joe Woody Harrelson in return for one night with his wife (Demi Moore). It’s a moral dilemma…

How would you react to the offer? Just twelve hours and you get, say, £10,000. No? Not interested? Okay. What if the amount was £100,000? A huge down payment on a house, right? Now what do you think?

This indecent proposal is the poser JoeySalads is throwing at a young couple here in this video. What way will it go? Will he manage to persuade the guy? And what the the girl? Or will they stay strong and turn him down…? Find out!

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