Social Experiment: Would You Sell Alcohol to a Minor…?

At the start of this new collaboration between Italian pranks pros DM Pranks and ourselves, we learn a few statistics about teenagers and alcohol. Booze and youngsters don’t mix. Well, they do – but they mix Coke with Jack Daniels. And it can often go badly wrong.

1,825 college kids die from alcohol-related injuries or problems each year in the United States. There are nearly 100,000 sexual assaults on young people where drink has been involved. And nearly 700,000 students have been assaulted by a drunk person on a night out.

So booze is strictly for over-21s for a reason. Which begs the question, ‘how do under-21s get their hands on it?’ Older people, clearly. Or unscrupulous liquor store owners.

Would you sell alcohol to a minor??? DM Pranks and their new social experiments wing went into a series of liquor stores with help from ‘Daniela’ andĀ investigated…

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