SA Wardega

SA Wardega - Prankster

SA (Sylwester Adam) Wardega reckons we should all be insane, because insane people are the best. He started off his crusade to turn us all into lunatics by setting us an example. With his seemingly never-ending supply of weird costumes, he’s pulled some truly hilarious tricks and pranks on people in his homeland of Poland. You’ve only got to see him scale a mall escalator dressed as Spiderman to see what we mean about him being a little crazy.

But SA’s upped his game recently. Now he’s trying to make us actually go insane by messing with our minds in more and more freaky ways. Take, for example, his ‘Giant Mutant Spider Dog Prank’. Seen by more than 50 million people in its first few days online, this creepy video will haunt us all for years. Well, sort of…

Have a look at what we’re talking about:

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