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Roman Atwood Pranks - Prankster

Roman Atwood is one of our all-time favourite pranksters. There are lots of cool, interesting, thought-provoking and daring stunt videos out there online (and that’s why we’re here – to bring you the very best of ’em!). But Roman’s pranks add a very special ingredient to the mix – genuine LOLs. You see, the Ohio-born Atwood is just a plain ol’ funny guy… You know you’re watching a Roman Atwood prank when the action’s as hilarious as it is outrageous. He surrounds himself with funny people too. He hit the headlines back in 2013 when an anniversary prank he pulled on his long-term girlfriend backfired in spectacular fashion. Roman ‘confesses’ to cheating on her. She – on having seen him set up his hidden camera – pranks him immediately back by admitting her own (made up) infidelity. It was a stone-cold classic! One that’s edging towards 50m views…

Watch it in all its glory here:

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