He Takes A Skunk To The Beach… But These Girls Were NOT Happy About It!

Roman Atwood‘s got a brand new pet that he just can’t wait to show off to people. He’s off to the beach for a day out and he wants to take his new pet pal with him. Only it’s a skunk. And that skunk’s got a bit of a spraying problem. You know – as a lot of skunks tend to do. Probably best not take him to the beach then, right? Oh, well… There’s no telling our Roman. He’s the man who exploded his own kid

Now, we all know that this isn’t a real skunk spraying real nasty stuff about the place, don’t we? Roman knows this. His pal Dennis Roady knows this. We know this. You know this. The people in this video don’t know this, however.

Understandably, some of the reactions from the bikini’d girls in this prank are pretty extreme. What with them thinking they’ve been skunk-sprayed and all!

Check it out:

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