What He Did To This Girl With This Retractable Claw Had Me In Stitches!

Sometimes a man can’t help but form a special bond with something. Be it the guy who has an emotional attachment to his power tools like Tim Allen did in Home Improvement, or be it the guy who always has his faithful dog by his side, sometimes a man doesn’t feel complete unless he’s got that special something in his life. For the young guy in this hilarious new video, his best buddy is a $1.50 retractable plastic claw.

When he comes across it in the discount store while out shopping with his girlfriend, it is love at first sight. And as the following video shows, he goes on to use the claw throughout the day for everything from taking out the trash, to changing up the TV channels, to eating his dinner.

Oh, and he also uses it to troll his girlfriend all day long, much to her mounting annoyance. This is so funny. How she puts up with him is anybody’s guess. Maybe she just realizes that when a man hooks up with a retractable claw, you just have to go along with it. There’s now three people in this relationship. Well … two people and a retractable plastic claw.

We feel for you, girl!

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