Rémi GAILLARD - Prankster

Rémi Gaillard is l’enfant terrible of YouTube pranksters. That’s not to say he’s terrible – far from it! After all, when you count your YouTube views in the BILLIONS, you know you’re doing something right. Rémi’s a French maverick who loves nothing better than taking his unique and sometimes controversial style onto the streets to delight the good people of the internet (that’s you…). Madcap animal and cartoon costumes, movie parodies, insane flashmobs… Rémi goes BIG and bold with his pranks. Like the time he snuck onto the pitch after a French soccer cup final match in full kit, celebrated with the players and even shook the French president’s hand!

You never quite know what to expect with this flamboyant Gallic prankster and that’s one of the reasons we love him… Il est magnifique! 

Here’s one of Rémi’s most popular videos, the unforgettable Mario Kart Prank:

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