Social Experiment: Sports Rivalry Boston vs. New York!

New York City and Boston. Two of the great American cities. So closely situated, yet miles apart in attitude. A great rivalry exists between the two cities and so, naturally – the cities’ sports teams and their fans don’t exactly get along. Wear a Boston Red Sox shirt in Brooklyn and things might get nasty. Wear a Yankees shirt in Southie and you might come undone too…

Hammy TV decides to see if this is really true. Would a guy actually get comments for wearing a New York Yankees baseball shirt in downtown Boston? Hammy dons the famous blue jersey and sets off around town to find out. And what do you know? It doesn’t go all that well!

There are plenty of light-hearted and good-natured shouts from locals. And about a million calls of ‘Yankees suck!’ from passers-by. But there are one or two dudes who really take exception to a Yankee in their neighborhood. Check it out:

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