This Gold Digger Ditches Her Boyfriend To Get On A Private Jet. What Happens Next Is Brutal!

Does money impress you? Are you the sort of person that can be wowed by someone bragging about their flash lifestyle? Most of us would like to say no, but none of us really know until we are tested.

Notorious prankster Coby Persin decided to do so by setting up a private jet prank. He posed at a railway station as a rich businessman on his way to pick up a private jet. After chatting to a lady for just a few minutes he managed to persuade her to take a ride on his jet, even though she already has a boyfriend.

Once on board, the girl phones her boyfriend to cancel their plans, telling him she’s too sick to see him. But Coby has a surprise in store for this gold digger, and it is BRUTAL.

Watch the video below…

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