Pregnancy Prank On Afghan Dad!

Pranking the public is one thing, but taking your prank game into your house and pranking your other half or family is dangerous work… Just ask Carnage here. He thought – for some reason – that it’d be a good idea to play a pregnancy prank. On his strict Afghan dad. Suffice to say – he was looking like he regretted his decision by the end…

He starts off by warning his father that he’s got something to tell him. He wants to get married. Now, first of all his dad is thrilled with the news. They can go back to his homeland of Afghanistan and throw a huge party. But wait… Carnage has something else to tell him – he wants to marry a girl from his school. Who he’s got pregnant!

The news doesn’t go down well. In fact, you could go so far as to say that this practical joke backfires! Check out what went down:

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