Prank Exposes Gold Digger, Maserati vs Honda

What makes the world beautiful is the fact that there are so many different kinds of people on this planet. You’ve got creatives, geeks, scientists, vegans, humanitarians, so on and so forth. But the one thing that the world has got no time for – is uppity chicks (or even uppity guys, for that matter). You know what I am talking about – the type that’ll end up with someone rich in order to live a life having expensive things.

Most of the time, if you’re hot enough, you can basically get whatever you want. Not this time, though. In a hilarious video, a prankster who runs the YouTube channel, Stunt Lifestyle TV, pulled an epic prank on a pair of gold diggers.

It starts off with the prankster pulling up beside them in a Honda and asking them if they’d like a ride -they immediately decline. Finally, they admit that his car is embarrassing and they wouldn’t want to be caught dead in it. After all that, the same dude pulls up in a gold Maserati and drives off, leaving the two chicks completely spellbound.

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