Paris Hilton Thinks She’s Going To Die During Egyptian TV Plane Crash Prank

We love a good prank here at Pranksters. That pretty much goes without saying. But there’s the odd occasion when you’ve got to wonder whether the prankster behind the joke has gone too far. And we’re thinking that┬áRamez Galal from the Egyptian TV show, Ramez in Control might well have overstepped the mark here…

Paris Hilton is in Dubai to attend a hotel opening as a special guest. She’s talked into going on a complementary aerial guide of the city and settles into her seat ready for the short flight. But pretty soon, the crew behind the prank have convinced her that the plane’s crashing and that she’s about to die. Seriously.

She doesn’t know it’s a set-up and that the pilot is actually just a stuntman. Or that the dude who throws himself out of the plane is a skydiver.

This is about as extreme as pranking gets!

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