He Makes A Drug Dealer Quit His ‘Job’ In Five Minutes Flat… Find Out How!

His name is ‘Smiley’ and he’s a drug dealer. As a dealer he gets lots of phone calls a day on his cellphone. So it’s no surprise when it rings one day. But it soon gets surprising when he finds out he’s speaking to a dude called Tyrone who’s a fellow drug dealer. And one that’s not happy with Smiley. Only Tyrone’s concerned that Smiley is pushin’ product on his turf…

The conversation takes a turn for the scary, then ridiculous. Luckily for Smiley, it’s just a joke. He’s been set up by his friends who have got telephone prank specialist Ownage Pranks on the case to seriously school their pal.

You’ve gotta think that Smiley seriously considered quitting for real after this. The way he reacts to ‘Tyrone’… He ain’t cut out for the crime world. This is crazy funny. We LOVE this. So will you.

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