Omar Gosh


Omar Gosh isn’t your usual prankster. He’s gained a reputation on YouTube and social media for doing things a little differently. Omar’s a Christian, you see, and Christians are taught to help others less fortunate than themselves. As a Christian but also a prankster, Omar uses his pranking talents for good. As well as the usual crazy stunts and pranks you’d expect from a top class prankster, Omar often targets the homeless. Instead of adding to their misery, Omar helps them out, often giving them food and drink, money, and even, as in the below video, new shoes and socks.

Omar often takes his son along on these trips, teaching the boy a valuable lesson about helping others. Hey, that’s not to say that our man hasn’t got a great sense of humor and is above playing silly practical jokes just for the sake of it. His funny pranks will crack you up as much as his worthy stunts will make you think…

It turns out that sometimes pranking can be a force for good.

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