This Model’s Strolling Around Hong Kong With NO PANTS ON!

‘No pants are the best pants’, that’s what body paint artist Sandra Bakker and a slim blonde model are telling us here in this prank video from VIP Rooms. A pair of detailed ‘jeans’ were sprayed onto the bare legs and butt of the woman and she can be see walking through shopping centers and down sidewalks, riding escalators and crossing busy roads, in Hong Kong.

We brought you a similar video not too long ago from Coby Persin and his Model Pranksters crew. But that was in New York City. Where A LOT more people noticed! Weirdly, while the jeans are realistic, you can kinda tell they’re painted on. Yet no guys are staring. Maybe they’re just all very polite over there.

That said, at one point in the video, one guy clocks on to what’s happening and attempts to ‘secretly’ video the model as she walked down the street! Check it out:

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