World’s Worst Trainer Shocks Gym-Goers – This Dude’s Is CRAZY!

When you’re down at the gym working out, sometimes it’s good to get a workout with a fully trained-up and qualified personal trainer, isn’t it? Those guys know a lot of stuff about getting fit and healthy and strong. Work with one and you can pick up some invaluable tips and advice on things. Provided they’re good…

But what if they’re not? Good, we mean. What if they’re woefully stupid, tremendously unprepared, clumsy and ignorant? Well, then – you’re not in for a very good workout at all, are you? And if the guy’s flatulent and packing ridiculous heat up in his Lycra pants… Well, then you’re REALLY screwed.

Or Hammy T.V is your gym trainer. Which sounds more likely. Watch him take his stupid nerd character into the gym to really mess with people’s minds!

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