This Homeless Veteran Has An Intense Reaction To Bait Car Experiment

We set HammyTV a challenge – test out people’s honesty with a bait prank. The idea is that that ol’ leveler money would be used to see how honest various people are when presented with an opportunity to steal it. He scattered some cash about the seat and dashboard of his car, rolled down the window and left it. First in a well-to-do part of town. Then in a more run-down area.

These kind of experiments often leave you pretty depressed. You watch person after person letting themselves down by giving in to temptation and doing the wrong thing. But every now and again? You’re left surprised by the kindness of spirit of some people. And that’s what we see here.

Make sure you watch to the end to see the truly remarkable action of one one war veteran after he sees the visible cash and rolled down window. What he did shocked us when we saw it for the first time… Check it out:

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