Meet an immigrant (Donald Trump Social Experiment)

Nobody can accuse Donald Trump of being shy when it comes to speaking his mind. He’s had a lot to say recently about a whole lot of things, one of the most controversial being his outspoken opinions on immigrants. According to the owner of the world’s most suspicious hairstyle, immigrants are lazy, feckless wastes of space who only come to the United States to leech off the rest of society. To Don Trump, immigrants are parasites, drug dealers, petty criminals, rapists, murderers, etc. Trump doesn’t want to see them as human beings; he wants to see them as scum, bottom-feeding off the rest of us and contributing nothing worthwhile to society. According to Trump, America’s receiving the ‘wrong type’ of immigrant, and it’s about time the whole lot of ’em were packed up and shipped out.

Well one guy’s had enough of Trump’s negative attitude, and he wants to prove that plenty of other people disagree with the billionaire tycoon’s controversial views. That’s why he’s dressed himself up as the sort of stereotype Trump is talking about. He wears a prison jumpsuit, blindfold and handcuffs, and takes to the streets with a placard labeling himself a drug lord, a rapist and a criminal. He has no idea how the public will react. Will they agree with Donald Trump? Or will they disagree with him and embrace the blindfolded immigrant as one of their own?

Check out the following inspirational video to find out …

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