This ‘Machete Massacre’ Prank Backfires Badly At The End

Imagine heading over to your friend’s house and finding them cut up in the basement. A gruesome thought, right? Right. Well, how about if the killer was still there, brandishing a machete and generally being a maniac? Time for new shorts, we think. Well, that’s exactly the situation one of the Viral Brothers had to face recently.

Except, of course, it was all a prank. But it was was to be a practical joke that would backfire for all concerned. You see, so realistic was the set-up that the guy who was tricked ended up panicking and TOTALLY losing his sh*t…

First his starts throwing whatever comes to hand at the ‘murderer’ including huge great big TVs (you know, the old ones you have in basements…). Then – CRAZY – he throws himself out of the window. Seriously. Have a look for yourself:

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