Prank King Leonardo DiCaprio Scares The Life Out Of Jonah Hill By Pretending To Be A Mega Fan!

Leonardo DiCaprio is notorious for taking his roles very seriously. For instance, in preparation for his part in The Revenant, Leo ate bison meat and slept in animal carcasses! But he also has a fun side too. DiCaprio is also known for his love of playful pranks. He loves nothing more than playing practical jokes on his friend’s and family.

So, when he met up with old pal, Jonah Hill, in New York City recently, he decided to have a bit of fun in the process. Dressed in a hat and sunglasses, DiCaprio strolls up to Hill with his phone out, making out as if he is a mega fan papping the Superbad star, and he scares the hell out of him in the process. And Hill’s reaction? Priceless.

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