Killer Butcher Halloween Scare Prank

Being a butcher must be weird, mustn’t it? You’re in your little store being nice to people and selling them things, like many other people. But unlike a baker or barista, you spend the rest of your day hacking up flesh and cleaning blood off things. Weird.

So if you ask us, to be a butcher you’ve got to be a little strange. Only someone a little crazy can stand to scythe meat off bones all day. Not quite as crazy as the butcher in this video, but still…

This guy is definitely not someone you’d want to deal with in any store. Or outside the store. Or anywhere. He’s taken his flesh slicing to humans, decapitating limbs for fun. And, quite naturally, scaring the Bejesus out of people. So much so in the case of one of the pranked people here that the dude ended up peeing his pants.

Now THAT’S scary…

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