What Happens When Kids Find a GUN In a Playground…?

Every year around 100 children are¬†accidentally shot and killed in the US each year. And some of that figure is¬†down to children finding guns which have been left around, unattended. Once they get their tiny little hands on a weapon, they’re in severe danger of shooting themselves or other children. It’s very dangerous.

When a kid finds a gun that isn’t locked away, what do they do? Do they know to leave well alone? Can they tell the difference between a real gun and toy gun? Would they immediately tell their parents? YouTube filmmaker Joey Salads is determined to find out, so he’s set up a social experiment in a playground, with kids. Using a realistic fake gun, he sees how it plays out…

Whether you have kids or just know people who do – you’ll want to see this and pass on the message.

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