Jack Vale’s ‘Blind’ Panhandler Prank Gets EVERYONE!

Have you ever seen a blind guy panhandling? No, c’mon – this isn’t the set-up for some lame joke. We’re asking a genuine question. Jack Vale has. In fact, he saw a blind guy asking for change recently and it set him up thinking. What if the guy wasn’t really blind…? We’ve seen leaf-blowers pretending to be blind, why not panhandlers?!

Of course, if you see a guy on the street with those big shades and a cane, it’s 99.99% likely that the poor guy has got serious vision problems. Unless that guy happens to look like Jack. Only you could be watching the follow-up to this here┬áprank of his…

We find our man hitting the streets pretending to be blind. He’s asking for change and when he gets someone slip him a dollar in the pot, he’s giving the game away. A comment about their hat or footwear or wife. Something gives him away.

See how people react!

How about that? And what about this moral quandary – would you take advantage of a blind guy…?

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